About Us

The DeSantis Principals

Claire DeSantis, M.Ed., CADC II, ICRC, MATS

Claire DeSantis, the owner and CEO of DeSantis Wellness Solutions, has over 35 years in the field of therapy, counseling and treatment for chemical dependency both in private practice and working with government agencies. Licensed in California, Florida, Maine and New Hampshire, she has served as director, clinical supervisor, and author of policy and procedures.  Aside from her clinical therapy and counseling services, she has successfully established and directed federally funded programs and collaborated with Federal Agencies as well as creating and making new programs available to the general public, hospitals, physicians, prisons and local law enforcement. As Director and author of Intensive Outpatient Programs specializing in opiate addicted and methadone treatment, she has been extensively involved in the hiring of clinicians and physicians as well as running community action groups. An active lecturer and published author, Claire was formerly Executive Director and owner of Family Solutions Center, a Florida Behavioral Health Agency specializing in treatment of Suboxone and opiate addicted clients. A California resident for over 9 years, most recently she has been in private practice in Carmichael, California specializing in Psychotherapy and pain management for numerous area physicians utilizing Suboxone treatment and serving as Director of Pathways Recovery Intensive Outpatient Program.

Logan Whiteagle, Spirit Guide, Consultant, Life Coach

In the nearly five decades since his entertainment career was launched under the tutelage of Truman Capote when they collaborated on Capote’s “The Glass House”, Logan Whiteagle has been involved in nearly every aspect of show business, including radio, television, theater and motion pictures as a performer, writer, director, and producer, and most recently as an acclaimed spirit guide, lecturer, author and life coach.

Logan was formerly President and CEO of Hightower Motion Pictures, founded Academy Pictures, TribalVison and LoganFilms, served on the Boards of Directors for several entertainment-related companies, and established himself as one of the industry’s most respected and acclaimed coaches through his creation of the Quest for Truth Personal Development labs.