Read through more testimonials about our two amazing principals and the lives they have impacted throughout their many years of nurturing personal growth. They truly are the Balanced Lifestyle Specialists.

Claire DeSantis

Claire DeSantis is not only a colleague with whom I have enjoyed a great personal relationship but is a person in whom I have the utmost respect for the level of professionalism and integrity she never failed to display in her management of the Family Solutions Center. Her level of warmth, caring and sensitivity is demonstrated daily in her contact with clients, families, agencies and staff. Her managerial style is one of flexibility and fairness, knowing how to handle the most difficult of situations. A highly motivated individual with impeccable standards of integrity, Claire is an effective leader who manifests the ability to inspire confidence, provide guidance, set appropriate standards, use sound judgment and execute follow-through with any task at hand, as well as being the most knowledgeable and experienced individual in a broad spectrum of substance abuse, testing and recovery I have ever met and had the pleasure of working with. Claire is a mental health professional that any agency, panel, or organization would be privileged to have on staff or as a colleague.

Joan A. Vail, Psy. D.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist

I am writing this to express my gratitude and appreciation for my therapist, Claire DeSantis. After 10 plus years as a police detective, I found myself in a very unfamiliar and uncomfortable place which adversely affected every aspect of my life. Claire impressed me with her knowledge of what she opined was Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD. This injury caused me to retire from policing but through her counseling I finally realized I could live without most of the old baggage and was able to move on to restore my self-esteem. I know her as a kind and compassionate professional and I would truly recommend her to anyone seeking their life back in this complex word.

Detective Joseph Locus, Ret.
Punta Gorda, Florida

I have known Claire for some time now. I immediately trusted and felt comfortable with her. I have found her to be very well grounded and straightforward. At the same time, she applies a spirituality that I believe is instrumental to a healthy rounded life. She is clearly experienced in her field and her natural empathy can be felt and seen as a result.

Dustin Reynolds

I have been working with Claire DeSantis since 2008 in the treatment of opioid dependence. During those years, Claire has counseled patients undergoing medication assisted treatment (MAT) and has been referred patients for evaluation of MAT to determine what treatment would be most beneficial for their health. Her evaluation and recommendations helps the physician overseeing the care of the patient to make the best clinical decision for the patient.

Claire also counsels patients and helps them with ongoing education through sobriety and continued MAT. When MAT is completed, Claire frequently continues to follow the patient through their transition off medication.

It has been a wonderful experience working with Claire in this field. She is typically my go-to professional when I have questions regarding patient care.

Mathew Ferron, BSN
Clinical Liaison 2, Opioid Dependency

As part of my practice, I have been treating opiate addiction with Suboxone replacement therapy and Claire DeSantis has managed the counseling program. Without her help, I would have given up on treating these patients, especially the most difficult cases. With her help, however, many of these patients are now productively employed, taking care of their families and advancing their lives in a positive direction. I have seen her take patients through relapses, withdrawal and the various crises of addiction with gentle understanding, firm standards, and acute insight in the mindset of the addicted patient. I can recommend her without reservation for any position dealing with addiction treatment.

Kevin Miller, M.D.
Paradise Family Healthcare, Inc

Logan Whiteagle

I was experiencing a profound sense of loss in spite of my success as a producer, as well as a waning sense of direction in my life. I emerged from the journey taken through Logan’s workshops with renewed inspiration, insights and direction for my life that have been instrumental in helping me to forge a new personal and professional vision.

Dr. Nicholas Kimaz, Congressional Candidate
CEO – LifeLong Naturopathic Remedies
Former owner – GTA Studios/Hollywood

I attribute much of my accomplishment to what I experienced in Logan’s workshops. It should be a prerequisite for anyone who desires an entirely new lease on life. His teachings are a formula for success and well-being. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

William Reed – Director
Austin Film Festival

I was taught more in a few months by Logan than I had learned in 5 years with other coaches. His workshops enabled me to develop processes to transform fear and doubt into tremendous courage and self-confidence, develop a clear direction for the future and experience personal power previously unknown to me. If his coaching is available to you, don’t miss the opportunity to learn from the best.

TJ Myers, Actress/Model/Businesswoman
Co-Founder and CEO – CineVision Film Studios

My entire life, which was once on a downward spiral, has changed 180 degrees, my newly found insight, courage and clarity stemming in large part from what I learned in Logan’s workshops. In his labs, lectures and personal coaching, he uses his special technique to teach us how to empower ourselves, how to realize and discard the things that do not matter, and how to ignite the positive passions that smolder within us. Influenced by his Native American heritage, his coaching promotes humility, courage, and how to love ourselves for who God intended us to be regardless of our history. Logan teaches that everyone has their own path and purpose, and has been blessed with the unique ability to help one take one’s power back from whomever it has been given, however inadvertently, and channel that energy to manifest healing and success.

My words are few but my knowledge and growth through Logan’s classes are so powerful as to be without measure and worth much more than any amount invested. I can think of no one who would not experience amazing transformation from his coaching and instruction.

Marla Casack, Owner
Panache Designs – Sedona

I honestly don’t know how to adequately describe the power of Logan Whiteagle’s teachings or how to express my appreciation for what his friendship and coaching has done for me over the years. He is truly a Godsend and such an encouraging and inspiring human being. When it comes to Logan and what he represents, the only word I can think of is “extraordinary”. Of all the people I’ve met, in and out of the entertainment field, he stands head and shoulders above all the rest for his honesty, sensitivity and wisdom. I am proud to call him not only a friend but a mentor and recommend his workshops for anyone from any walk of life.

Eric “Mack Bone” Garner
Recording Artist, Performer, Writer